data insights lab –dilab

datalab.io is a comprehensive data platform. the raw data is collected autonomously by bots from the necessary sources, then the data is processed and reused. the processed data is made available to customers and can be downloaded, visualized in diagrams and tables or transferred to downstream systems via api interfaces.

how does it work? CPU!

CPU stands for Collect, Process and Use, it is a simple but proven process

bot collect data


our scraping bots collect the necessary raw data from various sources, even bot defense mechanisms are no obstacle!

scraping bot process data


data is prepared and processed in the most suitable way, so that the greatest possible use and insight can be generated.

use bot data


depending on the project, the processed data can be viewed and used on the platform or transferred to a downstream system via a suitable interface.

WHY dilab?

there are countless use cases for dilab. the processed data can be used as the foundation for new business models such as online platforms or for companies to monitor employees or sales figures of competitors on e-commerce platforms or company websites.

get a competitive advantage, get dilab.io